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Jacopo Cavarzeran
Scholia in Euripidis "Hippolytum". Edizione critica, introduzione, indici
Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter 2016, VIII + 421 S. (= Sammlung griechischer und lateinischer Grammatiker Bd. 19), EUR 129.95

This edition contains the Greek text of the scholia (vetera and recentiora) and the glosses to Euripides’ Hippolytus with a critical apparatus and an apparatus of loci similes. Before the text comes an introduction consisting of two chapters: the former sketches out the history of the exegesis and critical interpretation of the Euripidean text in antiquity as well as the creation and development of this scholiastic corpus, while the other investigates more accurately the manuscripts and the medieval and Renaissance tradition of the scholia to the tragedy. At the end I added the edition of the Triclinian scholia to Hippolytus from Laur. 32.2 together with a metrical apparatus of the choral sections and then a Humanistic paraphrasis, which can be found in Mon. Gr. 258. The purpose of this work is to improve Schwartz’s edition both in recensio and constitution of the text. About what concerns the recensio, this was extended to sixteen manuscripts instead of the four used by Schwartz. The reassessment involved not only the more recent manuscripts but also some witnesses dating to the Palaeologan age, disregarded or only partially collated by the former editor.

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