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Ioannis N. Perysinakis/Evangelos Karakasis (Hgg.)
Plautine Trends. Studies in Plautine Comedy and its Reception
Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter 2014, XXII + 300 S. (= Trends in Classics - Supplementary Volumes Bd. 29), EUR 109.95

Table of Contents

Richard Hunter: Preface
I.N. Perysinakis, E. Karakasis: Prologue
E. Karakasis: Introduction

Part I: Plot
D. Konstan: Turns and Returns in Plautus’ Casina
D.M. Christenson: A Roman Treasure: Religion, Marriage, Metatheatre, and Concord in Aulularia
R.R. Caston: The Divided Self: Plautus and Terence on Identity and Impersonation
S. Papaioannou: Duplication and the Politics of Comic De-structure: or, Why There Need Not be Two Slaves, While There Are Two Cooks in the Aulularia
K. Philippides: The parallel ‘two plays’ in Plautus’ Captivi: A Dramatological Reading of the Comedy
N.W. Slater: Gods on High, Gods Down Low: Romanizing Epiphany
S. Frangoulidis: Renewal and Compromise in Plautus’ Mostellaria

Part II: Plot and Language
M. Fontaine: A Note on Philolaches’ Simile of the House in Plautus’ Mostellaria
J.T. Welsh: The ‘Fragments’ of Plautus’ Captivi

Part III: Plot, Language, and Reception
A. Sharrock: Reading Plautus’ Trinummus: Who’d Bother?
E. Karakasis: Cicero Comicus – Catullus Plautinus. Irony and Praise in Cat. 49 Re-examined
M. Hanses: Plautinisches im Ovid: The Amphitruo and the Metamorphoses
A. Augoustakis: Plautinisches im Silius? Two Episodes from Silius Italicus’ Punica

D.K. Raios: List of Works
List of Contributors
Index locorum
General Index

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